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Lori Macy 5th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Macy’s online classroom. Please come in!

Please look through your Distance Learning (DL) lesson plan and set up a quiet place with: 1) a place to write down your websites and passwords, 2) some sharpened pencils and colored pencils for your 2 art drawings per week, 3) a dictionary, 4) your composition notebooks (or any notebook), and your math and R&W workbooks. We finished Social Studies for this year but the S.S. activities in Study Island are also cool if you love history like I do!

Here is what we can work on for the rest of the school year:

1) Read for 30 minutes a day and record your time in a reading log. You can make your own log or use the one in your R&W Notebook. I am setting up an Epic e-book website login for you and Mr. Adair suggests a website called His login information is in his DL packet. Write comments to me on the Remind App or in the Stream section of Google Classroom. I will ask comprehension questions about Old Yeller, our class novel.  

If you have time and can receive Channel 13-2 with a digital antenna, please take notes while you watch “The Great American Read” (GAR) on OETA Channel 13-2 from 1:00-2:00. This is the ELA program that you might have heard about on the news. It’s about books, the best books, the authors who wrote them, and the readers who love them! Tell me, or tell an adult, about one of the books you are interested in reading. Send me a quick group comment on Remind about the book. For example, write something like this:

“This is Levi. The book, “The Giver” was cool because it made prisoners who read it feel like heroes.”

2) Write in your composition notebooks, since there is no way to give you a spelling test. Spend some time thinking about the spelling words from your Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook and then number a page in your composition notebook from #1-20. Think about why the 20 words on each spelling page are grouped together and put that group as the title of your notebook page. For example, the words on page 233 all have the SCHWA sound. A schwa is an unstressed vowel sound like the second “e” in “jewel”. For that page, you will title it “Schwa words” and then write a list of the 20 Schwa words.

I challenge you (it is not required) to write down all 80 words from each unit! I know that is a huge word wall, but they are words you should already know. If you can, send me a picture of your pages! Do your best to read the spelling words, learn their spelling, and look them up in the dictionary if you don’t know what they mean. Parents, the “Spelling Test” pages in your packet are there if you want to choose a few random words for them to spell for you from their notebooks. Spelling tests are fun but they are NOT REQUIRED.

We won’t be able to finish the writing lessons #15-17, in the 5th grade test preparation workbook, so I am assigning similar topics on Study Island. I will give you “fake  tests” in Study Island to see if you logged in, read, and choose an answer. This week, read Lesson 15 “Tips” in your packet and then Go to Study Island and take the test called “Lesson 15 – Tips for Persuasive Writing”. If you don’t have internet access, it will be very important for you to finish your conventions pages in the R&W notebook. (See #3 below.) Lessons 1-25 are covered in the convention pages of your R&W notebook.

Since you are almost in 6th grade now, you should able to write 5 complete and meaningful sentences in 5 paragraphs. The paragraphs should be organized “hamburger” style about your topic with an introduction, 3 detail paragraphs supporting your main idea, and a conclusion. I have included a persuasive writing prompt in your packet. Your parents will need to read your first draft, correct it (or not), give you suggestions about how to persuade them in writing, and then after you rewrite it, read and comment on your final draft.

3) Comprehension tests will be given more frequently next year. To get ready, complete the rest of the spelling and convention pages for each Unit Review section (only the ones with black corners) for Units 3-6. Work on these 40 pages for the rest of our school year. On page 233, for example, in the “Reader’s & Writer’s Notebook, finish the Synonyms and the Scramble section. By the end of the school year, the black-cornered Unit Review pages in your workbook will get pretty worn out! 

I don’t expect you to complete the other unit pages, but they are there for you to review if you need them. You’ve done a version of this work already in class when we did Lesson packets #1-14 for the 5th Grade test. 

If you need help prioritizing your week, I will be available to help on the Pleasant Grove School Remind app, the school website, and hopefully on Google Classroom. I also have virtual office hours from 1:30-3:30 M-F to answer your questions or posts. I will also reply to emails to during this time.

Please stay in touch (from a distance),

Mrs. Macy

Lori Macy

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