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Tiffany Phillips

Welcome to my online classroom.

Please utilize the following websites for math distance learning:


Study Island

Eash site is bookmarked under Distance Learning Website Links to make it easier for your child to access from here.

Students should spend approximatley 30-40 minutes Monday-Thursday doing math.  

Aleks is based on your child’s math level, and we have used Aleks throughout the year.  It should be done AT LEAST 2 or 3 times a week.  If a student has a question, he/she can email through the Aleks website, school e-mail, or contact me on the Remind app.  

Prodigy is more game oriented which many students like.  Several students logged on to Prodigy when they completed regular classroom work.  I would recommend using Prodigy at least 2 times a week.

Study Island is another website which not only has math, but other subjects as well. I am not as familiar with it as I am the other 2.  I have used it for 8th grade science.  I have added assignments for each grade so it is ready for students to log-in.  Use this site at least 1 time per week.

Students may not remember their log-ins for the sites.  Please email me ( or send me a text on Remind.  Occassionally during distance learning I will be without cell service.  If I do not respond to a text on Remind, please e-mail me.  I check my e-mail daily and know that e-mails always come through when I am without cell service.

As always, I am willing to help in any way. 

Tiffany Phillips


Tiffany Phillips

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