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Educational Websites


We use in the classroom to learn recognizing letters and letter sounds. It also has basic math skills—however some of the features on the website are “pay to play”. 

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a website that helps students with letter recognition, sounds, reading, and math skills. It is designed in a game setting that the students really enjoy—you can access more features by subscribing to the website. However, it has plenty of FREE activities that are very useful.


We use YouTube in the classroom to watch educational videos and books that are read aloud. We watch Bounce Patrol Kids (colors, letters, sounds, and counting videos). We watch Jack Hartman videos—he incorportates exercise into many of his videos. We will look up read aloud books, primarily because they do not stray from the story but many times they will do little “motions” to the pictures, which the students enjoy so much more than just a flat picture.


This website is full of videos and books. For the lower level books, many are “Read to Me”—meaning that they are read out loud and the pages turn when they are ready to move to the next page. There are plenty of fun educational videos on here as well. It is not just PreK leveled books or videos. You can search for the themes we are doing in class and possibly find the collections that I have put together of books that I think the kids will enjoy for that particular theme.

Storyline Online

Storyline Online is a website that is full of books that are read aloud by famous people and actors/actresses. It is completely free but does take donations if you would like to help add a wider variety of readers and books. Most of these books are on an elementary level.

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